When it comes to screeding concrete, nothing can compare to the latest laser screed machine available in Australia, the Somero SXP-D Digital Laser Screed.

XTREME CONCRETE Construction is now offering the state-of-art Somero SXP-D Digital Laser Screed machine for hire. Managing Director of Xtreme Concrete Construction, Nigel Martini, says this machine produces superior flat floors as well as saving time and money.

“We believe we can pour more volume per day and spend fewer days on each site,” Mr Martini explained.

“We can finish the work quicker and can also cut labour costs by reducing hours on site“ the machine is not only fast, it allows us to construct floors to the highest degree of quality regarding  flatness, levelness,  finish and overall customer satisfaction.”

Xtreme Concrete Construction has recently finished the major concrete works for South Australia’s first Costco Warehouse at Churchill Road Kilburn and the Somero machine exceeded expectations.

Xtreme Concrete Construction can also provide a Laser Buggy to prepare a superbly flat Sand Bed base.

Their Kubota Excavator and Skid Steer machines can produce Detail Excavation Works for any job.

For smaller projects the Copper Head and Power Rake machines allow Xtreme Concrete Construction to laser screed any job giving the customer a superior floor.

To measure their newly finished Concrete floor, Xtreme Concrete Construction use a Dipstick Floor Profiler instrument, which provides a fast and accurate method of measuring floors for flatness and levelness.

Xtreme Concrete Construction also has a range of Ride On Trowel Machines and Saw Cut Machines to complete their large fleet of equipment.