When it comes to screeding concrete, nothing can compare to the latest laser screed machine available in Australia, the Somero SXP-D Digital Laser Screed. XTREME CONCRETE Construction is now offering the state-of-art Somero SXP-D Digital Laser Screed machine for hire. Managing Director of Xtreme Concrete Construction, Nigel Martini, says this machine produces superior flat floors…

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The rebuilding has begun of the razed property of Mallala harness partners Phillip Westbury and Kerry Green. It may only seem a small step but Nigel Martini and the team from Xtreme Concrete have laid a 120 square metre slab of concrete as the popular pair start again after the disastrous Pinery fire destroyed their…

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Costco Adelaide

First Costco in South Australia, Burnish Finish, supply, Churchill Rd. inc Fuel Station, 14,000m2 of retail floor area to costco, 500m2 of suspended bondek floors, 7000m2 of external pavement including 1500m2 fuel station.

Bunnings Seaford

9600m2 Bunnings warehouse, 3000m2 of external pavements.

CMV Wingfield

New Truck sales and service facility for South Central Trucks, 5,000m2 workshop and spare parts warehouse. Including a 500m2 in-ground pit, 1,700m2 2 story office / showroom with polished concrete floor, 10,000m2 of heavy duty concrete pavement.

Supply and Installation of a new 3,000m2 warehouse – Super Flat finished floorsdue to the automatic stock picking equipment which will reach up 14mtr high racking. 5,000m2 of External Pavement and perimeter footpaths. This is the third job XCC has completed with Stratco. Previously we have completed the St Marys store and the Gepps Cross…

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Trebuchet Wines

Wine storage facility, 20,000m2, inside burnish finish, 10-12,000m2 ext office, loading docks, 300 thick (external), post tension slabs, – 19,000m2 temperature controlled ambient warehouse to accommodate the movement of over 25million cases of wine per annum with operations running 20 hours a day. – 11,000m2 of 180mm thick Heavy Duty pavement to accommodate B-double movements…

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22,000 m2 Post-Tentioned Hardstand. 300 – 500mm thick slab. Project was completed over 2 months by doing 10 staged concrete pours varying in size. The smallest pour size was 1580m2 with the largest being 2750m2 (using 1240m3 of concrete in the one pour). As the project ran through the peak of summer we poured during…

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Warehouse at Penfield, Burnish finish, extension pavement and office slab, labour only.

Bunnings Gawler

6,000m2 warehouse including 3500m2 of a highly burnished, polished concrete trading floor.